If you need a little extra cash, and you have decided you want to sell your silver, then you should learn more about the things you may have around your home that are made from silver. This can help you to get the money you need. Here is some information on silver items and how to find more of them around your house: 

Double-check all the jewelry you have

You may have assumed some of the jewelry you have isn't real silver. You may have purchased jewelry at a yard sale and assumed it was cheap costume jewelry. Someone might have been given jewelry as a gift from someone who you assumed wouldn't have bought real silver. It's a good idea to check everything thoroughly, though, because that jewelry may actually be silver. You want to look at the inside part of the jewelry for a stamp. The stamp will read, ".925", "STER", or, "Sterling Silver" and this is how you know that it's likely real. 

Look in the kitchen for silver items

You may have much more silver than you realize. This can especially be the case if you have dishes and utensils that have been passed down. When you are looking for real silver dishes or utensils, you are going to look for a stamp that reads, "sterling" or "sterling silver". You may find an entire set of forks, knives, and spoons that are silver. Also, you're going to want to check any other dishes that look silver. This includes plates, eating bowls, fruit bowls, saucers and cups, and anything else that looks as if it may be silver. 

Take a look at your old coins

If you have old coins, then you are going to want to pull them out and check to see if any of them are silver. An easy way for you to determine whether any of the coins that you have are silver is to look at the edge of each coin. If you see a silver line going through the middle, then it is likely a silver coin. However, if you see a copper line going through it, then it isn't a silver coin.


Now that you have a better understanding of what things can be silver and how to tell, you may find that you have a lot more silver than you can sell than you first thought. This means you will be able to get a lot more for your silver. For more information on selling silver, contact a professional near you.