You can buy a dainty necklace to add to your collection of beautiful jewelry, but keep in mind that sometimes a necklace that is dainty in style can be easier to break and requires more care than other pieces you own. You can find dainty and similar necklace pieces at your local jewelry store, online, via the classifieds, or via your own personal jeweler or jewelry repair specialist.

In the end, it's up to you whether you should get a dainty necklace or not, but the investment can be worth it. Here are signs you should buy a dainty necklace. You'll also learn how to take care of one.

You want an accent piece that is versatile

What makes a dainty necklace so great is how versatile the necklace actually is. Since it's not super large and doesn't have a very noticeable chain, you can almost add a dainty piece to your collection and not have it be noticed right away. If you want to have an accent piece that you can wear at all times with nearly any clothing, then choose a dainty chain that is in a metal color that suits your skin tone (such as silver for a cool skin tone or gold for a warm skin tone) and then wear your piece whenever you want.

Some people even prefer to wear their jewelry so often that they get what's called 'permanent' jewelry. These are basically necklaces, bracelets, anklets, and even rings that have no clasp to them and are custom-fit to the wearer. You can find a dainty piece in this style, if you wish.

You want an accent piece you can layer with

The more ornate and detailed a small piece of dainty jewelry is, the more you can use it to stack with. You can stack and accent any dainty necklace or other piece of jewelry without overshadowing any of your pieces. If you don't like to narrow your options when putting jewelry on, then consider any type of dainty necklace jewelry. You'll feel trending and fun and also not feel weighed down by multiple items of jewelry.

Choose a budget so you can shop for a dainty necklace you'll love. If you get a necklace with real gemstones and solid gold or sterling silver jewelry, you'll pay more, but if you have metal allergies, investing in real precious metals is a wise idea. You can explore several dainty necklace options online or via your favorite jeweler.