The diamond has been a symbol of strength and devotion for many years. Modern brides still value the history of the diamond but have upgraded their tastes in engagement stones to include colored diamonds.

One of the most popular colored diamonds is the yellow diamond. These unique stones can be used to add a modern touch to any engagement ring.

Before you begin shopping for your yellow diamond, there are some important facts that you should know about these colorful diamonds.

1. Yellow Diamonds are Rare

Colored diamonds of any variety are extremely rare, and yellow is a major player in the rare diamond market. It is estimated that 1 in every 10,000 carats mined naturally are colored stones.

Yellow diamonds tend to be the most common of the colored stones, but that doesn't detract from their overall rarity. The fact that a yellow diamond is hard to find in a natural diamond mine has helped to make these stones a popular choice for modern brides.

2. Yellow Diamonds Vary in Color

Many people think that yellow diamonds are all similar in color, but this simply isn't true.

A yellow diamond is created when nitrogen attaches itself to the pure carbon that forms colorless diamonds. The amount of nitrogen that affixes itself to the carbon molecules during the formation of a stone will determine how saturated the color is.

Trace amounts of nitrogen produce stones that are a very pale yellow. Substantial amounts of nitrogen produce diamonds with a deep yellow color. This variation in color saturation ensures that every bride will be able to find a yellow diamond in a shade she loves.

3. Price Depends on Color

The price of a yellow diamond can vary significantly based on the color of the stone.

Diamonds with a deep and vivid yellow color tend to cost more because they are harder to source in a natural mine setting than pale yellow diamonds. Many pale diamonds are priced similarly to their colorless counterparts.

This allows brides who are trying to stick to a budget to find a colored stone that they can afford.

Other factors that can affect the overall price of a yellow diamond include carat size and clarity.

Yellow diamonds can be used to create stunning engagement rings. If you are thinking of putting a modern spin on the old tradition of the engagement ring, consider using a yellow diamond as your center stone.

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