Overstuffed drawers can slow most people down in the mornings. Taking the time to get the drawers organized and maintaining a system can help you find things easier as you prepare for the day. Here are eight tips you can use to organize your drawers. 

  1. Invest in jewelry tray inserts. Finding the right piece of jewelry can be complicated when your drawers are disorganized. Measure the jewelry drawers and purchase jewelry try inserts. There are retailers that offer custom sizes.  
  2. Use PVC to maximize your space. A cut PVC pipe can be used to store clothing and ties in your drawers. Cut a three-inch wide pipe into smaller pieces about four inches long. Arrange the pieces vertically in your drawer so that each one is standing up. Fold a shirt military style and place it inside one of the pipes. After folding and placing all of your shirts in the pipes, you should still see enough to distinguish between the shirts.
  3. Repurpose ornament boxes. If you purchase ornaments for the holidays, do not toss the boxes. Tape the tops to the side or cut them off and organize them in a drawer. Each box can hold one or two pairs of socks. 
  4. Put in lingerie drawer organizers. Undergarments can become tangled with other items in the drawer and quickly turn into a nightmare, but an organizer can keep panties, bras, and other undergarments separate.
  5. Label the drawers. A label on each drawer helps to reinforce the idea that every item has a specific place. As a result, you are less likely to toss an item into the wrong drawer. 
  6. Use vacuum sealed bags. If you store rarely used or out-of-season items, such as coats, in the bottom drawer of your dresser, place them in vacuum sealed bags before storing them. The bags help to take air out of the items and maximizes how much space you have to use in the drawer. 
  7. Place sheet sets in pillowcases. Instead of simply folding your sheet sets and sticking them in the drawers, try putting the sets inside of the matching pillowcases. Doing this helps to cut down on the need to search through the drawers to find matches. 
  8. Match workout gear together. After folding your workout clothes, match them with the socks and undergarments you plan to wear with them. Place the items together so you can quickly grab a set and head to the gym.

Organizing your drawers can take time, but once you have a system in place, you can quickly put away items in the future.