While you shop for vintage jewelry like engagement rings, you will come across multiple styles to select from. One of the more specific styles to search for is an art deco style. The trend was very popular decades ago and has led to some gorgeous vintage engagement rings that have stood the test of time.

Follow this quick guide to learn more about the art deco style and what to look for when you shop for jewelry pieces.

What Does Art Deco Vintage Jewelry Look Like?

A key component of art deco jewelry is the use of geometric shapes layered onto each other. You may find a ring made with layered of squares and rectangles formed together to create a rising centerpiece. Along with the shapes, the rings will also feature a contrast in colors to help the design stand out.

The vintage rings will feature a mix of bright and vibrant gemstone colors like sapphire and ruby, along with traditional diamonds. Some rings may feature a single gemstone color, while others feature an array of gemstones to help create a unique and flashy look. With some polishing and safe-keeping, the rings hold up and keep their shine through the years.

What Era Was The Art Deco Style Prominent In?

The art deco style became a popular trend in the United States during the 1920s and 1930s. Not only was the trend featured in jewelry pieces, but you could see the style used in architecture, interior designs, and art pieces around this time. When you shop for art deco jewelry, you should focus on vintage pieces from both decades to help narrow down your selection.

What Kind of Diamonds Are Used In Art Deco Jewelry?

With a mix of other gemstone colors, diamonds are still one of the prominent jewels found in art deco rings. To match the geometric style of the rings, one of the main diamond cuts you will find on the rings is an emerald cut. An emerald cut diamond features a rectangle shape with a layered symmetrical design featuring smaller layers of rectangles.

The emerald shape becomes the centerpiece of the ring and is often the largest jewel on the ring. The setting of the ring is built around the design to include more geometric shapes and create a unique look to the whole design.

The more you know about art deco styles, the easier time you have as you shop for a memorable vintage ring. To learn more, contact a vintage jewelry store.