As you choose or design your wedding or engagement ring, one of the main questions you'll face is how many diamonds to include. The answer to this loaded question depends on many factors and is personal to each wearer. To help you find the right mix for your ring, here are a few of the pros and cons of the most popular options. 

The Pros and Cons of One Diamond

The biggest 'pro' of having only one major diamond in your setting is that you can splurge on an even bigger gem. Most people agree that their attention is first and foremost drawn to a large center diamond that shines brilliantly. So, if you're on a limited budget, this may be the best place to put your money. What you gain in the size of the main focal point, of course, you lose in surrounding luster. If you opt to forgo additional diamonds, you do leave the one gem to do all the work of the ring. Unadorned gold, silver, or platinum bands may seem naked and lackluster in comparison. 

The Pros and Cons of Diamonds on the Band

One popular trend these days is to place multiple diamonds along the band to complement the main stone. This style certainly does spice up a simple ring by turning it into a more luxurious design. It may also allow you to use smaller, more affordable diamonds to create an eye-catching group setting. Of course, the more diamonds you put into a ring, the more you will pay for the whole. The trade-off between one large diamond and several smaller ones may not be enough to lure in budget-minded buyers. 

The Pros and Cons of Complementary Diamonds

There is a compromise between having one single stone and covering the band with them is to use two additional diamonds along the sides of the primary. This is a more traditional choice than lining the band, and it may be more attainable on a budget. It may also feel more low-key for those who don't want to create an ostentatious display. Using just a few smaller stones to complement the large centerpiece keeps cost down, but it means you'll need to ensure that all three diamonds work well together. You won't be able to buy a big center stone with inferior side stones if the difference is too stark and visible. 

Today's brides and grooms have many choices for their wedding ring diamonds. Whether you want just one big diamond, a ring of many gems, or a smart group setting, you're sure to create a timeless symbol of your love and unity. Learn more about custom luxury diamond wedding rings at a jeweler near you today.