Everyone wants the best of luck on their wedding day and in their marriage. And for many, ensuring this includes following the old adage of 'something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue'. If you want to follow this tradition and provide a little good luck for your big day, you can accomplish it all with just a few — or even one — pieces of jewelry. Here are a few ways to incorporate everything you need.

Something Old. Family jewelry is an excellent place to find your 'something old'. Talk with parents or grandparents about what is in their jewelry collections and find something that you like. If you want to keep the item as a memento, you might consider choosing a piece that is currently unusable due to age or repair issues and paying to have it fixed. 

Something New. For many bridal couples, their 'something new' is the wedding bands. You could also pair a new jewelry item — such as earrings — with a borrowed or vintage bracelet or necklace. Create a cohesive look by first choosing your 'something old' and then using that as a guide when shopping for new pieces. Alternatively, your 'something new' could be a repair and remodel of an existing jewelry piece to make it feel like a new one. 

Something Borrowed. Borrowing a piece of jewelry from a family member is a great way to kill two birds with one stone. You can have the 'something borrowed' and the 'something old' in one fell swoop. If borrowing an aging item, show your appreciation by having it cleaned or repaired to bring it up to better condition before wearing it. 

Something Blue. An item of 'blue' jewelry can be incorporated in many ways. You might work a bright blue accent into your wedding colors and opt for sapphire earrings, bracelet, or necklace. Or have a sapphire or turquoise stone added to your 'something old' as it is brought up to date. If blue isn't your color, add it as a charm on a wedding bracelet or anklet. Or choose a diamond with a subtle blue-colored hue. 

The beauty of fulfilling this good luck charm in a single or a few pieces of jewelry is that you can keep it for a lifetime. No matter whether you think that will bring your marriage good luck or not, it will certainly create good memories forever.

Seek out jewelry repair professionals near you for more help.