Christmas comes with many different traditions. Along with holiday sweaters, Christmas trees, and movies, wearing holiday jewelry is a popular trend for many people. Special earrings, pins, and necklaces are worn each year by people celebrating the holidays. If you're interested in antique Christmas jeweler from the 1970s, then you will want to draw inspiration from many sources. The styles and designs found in the 70s are very unique to the times. By using a variety of methods, you can make it easier to shop for these pieces at a jeweler. Use this guide to help plan out your jewelry shopping experience and easily obtain styles from the 1970s.

Old Shopping Catalogs

Easily see what was trendy and on sale in the 1970s by browsing through a variety of holiday shopping catalogs. Many web resources like Wish Book Web feature scanned versions of the holiday catalogs. You can go through the digital versions of these catalogs. As you browse through the jewelry section, it's easy to zoom in, look at details, and determine the type of pieces that you are looking for. You can also print out pages of the catalog and bring them to a jeweler. From there, the jeweler can find similar pieces that match the style and design. There are multiple years of the 1970s available, giving you plenty of jewelry to choose from.

Family Pictures

Your home may offer one of the best resources for clear looks at Christmas jewelry of the past. By gathering old family photos, you have the ability to look at images of relatives during the holidays. Upon close examination, you will be able to see different pieces of jewelry that inspire you for purchases of your own. Along with looking at Christmas images, it's a good idea to check out images from holidays like Thanksgiving. A relative may be starting their Christmas celebration early by wearing jewelry for this day.

Estate Jewelry Listings

When someone passes way, their whole estate may go up for sale. During these sales, there is typically a detailed listing of the items that are available. Picture galleries may accompany these listings if the jewelry is not yet available. There are many jewelry stores that will get access to these listings. By visiting a jewelry store, you have the ability to see the approximate year of the piece and more details. You can even request a hold on specific pieces if they come in from future estate sales. This will really help you with your shopping needs.

Just a little planning can make a huge difference on your ability to find great antique jewelry Christmas pieces from the 1970s.