Whether you're buying a ring to propose or just want to get your significant other something special, knowing his or her ring size will be critical to ensuring you get a ring that fits. However, finding out what size ring the person wears without him or her knowing can be challenging. Here are two ideas for getting the information you need without alerting the individual to your surprise.

Make a Fun Paper Craft

One way to learn your loved one's ring size is to make a fun paper craft that fits over the finger you're buying the ring for. For example, you can use origami to make a ring out of a dollar bill and put it on the person's finger. Once the novelty wears off and the individual removes the paper ring, you can trace the inside of the folded dollar bill to get the person's ring size.

Better yet, you can use the origami dollar ring trick as an excuse to get a more accurate measurement. Simply tell the person you're learning how to do this trick. Fold the dollar bill lengthwise and wrap round the person's finger. Indicate you need to "size" the dollar bill to ensure it will fit on the person's finger and mark the bill at the point where it completely encircles the digit. Complete the origami ring.

You can then take the dollar bill directly to the ring store where they will convert your measurement into a ring size. You can also do this yourself by getting a ruler to measure your marking then using an online conversion chart to get the ring size. If you do it right, you'll get an accurate size and your loved one won't have a clue.

Compare Finger Sizes

Another way to stealthily get your loved one's ring size is to compare finger sizes. If you notice one of your fingers is about the same size as the finger on your loved one's hand that you want to purchase a ring for, then you can use that comparison to get the size you need. Alternatively, if you notice someone has the same size hands as your loved one, you can ask that person what his or her ring size is.

While this method can help you hide your intentions, it's not 100 percent accurate. Be aware, though, that you can usually get rings resized. As long as you get fairly close to the person's size, your loved one may not care that it's a little loose.

For more information about learning your loved one's ring size on the down low, contact a jeweler like Amy Goldberg Designs.