Many brides-to-be focus so much of their time on the perfect wedding dress that they forget about the bridal jewelry. A wedding gown is not complete without jewelry. Here are three tips to help you find the perfect pieces of jewelry to match your dress for the big day:

1. Take the Time to Match the Metals to Your Dress.

Some brides will simply choose jewelry based on their favorite metal or what they think looks nice to them. What many brides don't take into account is how it will look paired with their dress. Sadly, a gold necklace doesn't often look very good with a pure white wedding gown. They tend to clash with one another. Therefore, it is crucial that you take the time to match your gown with your metals. Pure white gowns tend to pair well with platinum, silver and even pearl jewelry, while ivory gowns look better with gold, including antique gold.

2. Sometimes Less Really Is More.

Some brides think they need to go all out when it comes to their bridal jewelry, but this isn't always the case. All brides don't need a tiara, veil, sash, necklace and earrings in order to stand out. It all depends on the dress. For example, if your gown has a decorative neckline, it may be a good idea to avoid a necklace altogether and stick to only a pair of elegant drop earrings. Alternatively, you could wear a very simple necklace that doesn't draw much attention. Now, if you have a dress that is simple, then you may want to consider a necklace that makes a bold statement and a pair of low-key earrings. Also, take cues from your hairstyle. If you are wearing your hair up, opt for dramatic earrings. If you are wearing your hair down where your ears won't make much of an appearance, small drops or studs will suffice.

3. Don't Overlook Your Neckline.

Although briefly mentioned in the previous section, the neckline is very important when it comes to choosing your necklace. For a halter neckline, consider skipping the necklace and going for a headband or some type of hairpiece. For a V-neck gown, opt for a choker or a thin necklace with a pendant. You could even opt for classic pearls or even a stand-out necklace. For a strapless or sweetheart wedding dress, single- or double-stranded pearls can really offer a touch of elegance while filling in some of the open space. However, if you would like to be unique and show off that skin, you can forego the necklace and wear a pair of statement earrings.

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