Camouflaged wedding rings are not rings that disappear when wear them. Rather they are wedding rings with camo prints imprinted on the bands themselves. If you are thinking about selling camo wedding rings in your jewelry store but are not sure how to market them or who to sell them to, here are three examples of couples who may find these rings to be the perfect symbols of their unions.

Military Couples

Couples who serve in the military together and who are frequently deployed within months of each other may find that camo wedding rings are ideal. The rings are not loud, ostentatious, or eye-catching to foreign thieves. Additionally the camo pattern on the bands of these rings can be altered such that military customers can create water camo (blue camo), desert camo (shades of beige and brown) and even jungle camo (shades of green). These various camo types allow the soldiers to wear their rings and still hide them in plain sight, regardless of the branch of military in which they serve or where they are deployed to.

Hunting Couples

Couples who enjoy long hunting trips together may find that camo wedding rings are very symbolic of the activities that brought them together and keep them united and happy. In fact, there are even some camo ring styles that feature the heads of big bucks in place of fancy stones, and others that have laser-engraved pictures of people hunting and fishing together encircling the bands. The camouflage patterns often match the accepted camo wear of hunters, too, so that the couples that hunt together can keep their rings as camouflaged as the rest of their clothing.

Adventure-Seeking, Outdoorsy Couples

The last group of couples that may find your selection of camo rings very charming and symbolic of their unions are the adventure-seeking, outdoorsy types. These couples typically do not participate in much hunting or fishing, but instead love to camp, hike, climb rock walls and cliffs, and ride ATVs or snowmobiles as part of their off-road adventures. Usually, these couples do not want to worry about their wedding rings getting dirty or damaged while they play in the wilderness and may enjoy having rings that do not show any dirt or damage. If the ladies in any of these couples want something more feminine, there are also pink camo rings or engraved titanium rings with elegant, outdoorsy themes on the bands.